5 Hacks To Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life

A phone is a basic necessity in today’s world. In fact, everyone is highly dependent upon their device for even the tiniest routine tasks. Now, mobile phones are not only used to make phone calls but a lot more. 

Setting up your morning alarm, making to-do lists, grocery lists, looking for your way through maps, and what not. You can even carry books and documents on your devices and manage work or school remotely. 

The most wonderful part is that you can surf the internet and use social media to know what is happening all around the globe. Thus, we can say that the whole world has been packed in this one small device.

What If Your Cell Phone’s Battery Suddenly Dies Out? 

It will put all your daily activities to a halt. Moreover, it can be very inconvenient if you are traveling or at work. If you are carrying an iPhone, its battery will last up to 15 hours. 

But this can be less if you are using it more frequently. Some habits can drain your battery very quickly, while some can preserve your battery for a longer period. 

That is why today we’ve brought some amazing hacks to preserve your phone’s battery life;

Turn On Dark Mode:

Keep remembering that your screen brightness is taking up a lot of battery. You can always lower your screen brightness to preserve some battery. For this, you have to follow this path;

Settings > Display and Brightness 

Now swipe the brightness bar to lower your brightness.

Another way to preserve battery life can be to set your iPhone on Auto-Brightness. To do so, just click the automatic button below the brightness bar. 

Although lowering brightness will save battery, it will make it difficult for you to read. So, you can choose the Dark mode option to darken the background of your phone and use less battery

Stop Automatic App Refresh:

Your iPhone keeps refreshing your background apps even when you are not using your phone. For example, your mail is being received and your social media apps are being refreshed.

Moreover, your data is being synchronized. All these actions will use your battery without even you noticing it. 

To stop these apps from draining out your iPhone’s battery, you have to change the following setting;

Setting > General > Background app refresh

Now, disable this feature or select the apps you want to stop from refreshing in the background individually. 

Force Quit Apps Not In Use:

When you are not using your apps, they are still running in the background. Do remember to force quit apps, so that, they stop using your internet and battery. 

To close your apps on iPhone, double click home to see all open apps, then swipe up the ones you want to close.

Turn Off Push Notifications And Fetch Data:

iPhone offers this feature of sending push notifications. Any app, social media app, maps, mail, games, reminders, or even daily tips can send you notifications that ultimately utilize your battery. 

Most of the time you don’t even need these notifications. So, if you want to maximize your battery life, you should take out some time to turn off unnecessary notifications. 

To fulfill this purpose, just go to settings > Notifications and turn off notifications for apps you don’t need. 

So, now, when you think all is sorted and your apps are not sending notifications, they are still fetching data automatically. 

If you want to extend your phone’s battery life, you have to turn off this feature too. Go to settings > mail > accounts > fetch new data

Now, set this to fetch data less frequently or manually. 

Turn On Low Power Mode:

Your iPhone offers a feature of low power mode. In other words, you can say it is a power-saving mode. When you put your phone to low power mode, you won’t actually feel any difference. 

However, your phone stops some actions which kill your battery. This includes 

  • Fetching mail
  • Automatic downloads
  • Visual effects like 3d wallpapers, etc. 

Furthermore, it manages your phone brightness and lowers it automatically. 

To activate low power simply follow these steps:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

You can always select low power mode manually whenever you want. Still, when your iPhone is low on battery i.e., 20% or 10%, a pop-up message appears to put your phone on low power mode. 

Some Extra Tips
  • You can optimize your battery charging, a feature available in iPhone 13 and later
  • Turn off Location services when not required
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not using any device like hands-free
  • Always keep your iPhone at a suitable temperature
  • Never let your battery overcharge or die completely
  • Always keep your iOS updated

Make sure to carry a wireless battery bank with you, especially if you are traveling or will have no access to power points for long periods.



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