5 Handy Devices For A Cellphone

You can now make the most out of your indispensable cell phones using some of the coolest and handiest devices available on the market.

Some of those devices are meant to extend the life of your cell phone in addition to offering some other useful benefits also. While others add beauty to your cell phone and enhance its functionality to a greater extent.

So, let’s have a look at 5 of our top picks for today that boost the usefulness of your smartphone.  

  • Make Parties More Fun With A Portable Bluetooth Speaker:


You can now make the most out of your day trips, outdoor as well as indoor events by connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker. 

In fact, portable Bluetooth speakers have made life a lot easier. Just attach that heavy-built yet lightweight, and easy-to-carry speaker with your cell phone and enjoy listening to your favorite audios anyplace, anytime. 

You will find some great Bluetooth speakers in the market these days offering various amazing features including the following;

  • Dust resistance 
  • Water resistance
  • Charging ports for USB and cellphones
  • Extended battery life
  • Impressive bass and a lot more.  

So, make the right use of your money by getting a durable Bluetooth speaker for your phone. 

  • Maximize Your Phone’s Battery Life With A Power Bank:


You might have to make an important call to your boss or send some immediate text messages to your loved ones. But what if your phone’s battery drops all of a sudden when you are away from home or the office?  

This is where a power bank plays a crucial role.  

Believe it or not, having a power bank at your disposal is truly a blessing in disguise. You can charge your phone anywhere and at any time you want.

What’s even better? These space-saving, compact gadgets hold a little space in your backpack so, carrying them around is not a big deal.  

  • Record And Capture Better With A Selfie Ring Light:


Are you fond of taking selfies? Wanna get brighter and more beautiful selfies with your mates? Get help from a selfie ring light and set the stage on fire.

Noticeably, a good-quality selfie ring light will illuminate your photos and videos like never before by attaching comfortably to your smartphone.  

Now, becoming a social media sensation has become possible by capturing eye-catching selfies with perfect lighting. All thanks to the marvelous selfie ring light!

Other than that, you can ace your video meetings by looking your best via a selfie ring light featuring various brightness levels and different color modes.

Just invest in a quality selfie ring light to make your future brighter.  

  • Add Years To Your Phone’s Life With A Screen Protector:


Dropping your phone inadvertently and then feeling sad is not wise when you can take advantage of a screen protector.

Since your mobile phone is fragile, you must need to be proactive in taking care of this daily-use device. This is where screen protectors appear as great cell phone saviors! 

By saving your phone from scratches, cracks, and falls, a screen protector will help you get the most out of your cell phone for a longer time. 

What else? There are also very attractive screen protectors available in the market that enhance the appearance of your device in addition to protecting it from screen damage.   

Go, get your hands on a screen protector, and thank us later!

  • Save Your Day With A Wireless Charger:


You may not find a charging port or your cable while you are on the go. 

What if you have to make an urgent business call at that time and your phone is running out of battery? This is where a wireless charger saves you from that back-end hassle.

More interestingly, wireless chargers in the recent times boast various amazing features including the following;

  • Temperature control
  • Surge protection
  • Short-circuit prevention and many more 

All such features will help extend the battery life of your phone. So, get one for you and ace all your business meetings/calls.

Now, these were 5 of the handy devices for your smartphones that we’ve discussed today. There are many more in the market that you can explore yourself.

Just get to know about the most useful and handy devices for your cell phone and invest your hard-earned in them. You will soon see the long-lastingness of your smartphones by doing so. 

How Can We Help?

Do you want to know more about these devices or want to get the best device for your smartphone? Pair up with Harwin Cellphone Repairs to keep yourself updated regarding the latest handy devices for your cell phones.

Other than that, we also make available high-quality devices that add to the handiness of your cell phone even more. 



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