‘I was in the middle of a meeting and suddenly my phone battery died. I couldn’t know it before and unfortunately had to leave my important meeting.’

This is one of the complaints from a smartphone user whose battery stopped working, leaving her in total irritation. 

Just imagine!  You are watching a video or calling your friend and suddenly everything vanishes away, the situation is irksome. 

What do you do in that situation? Obviously, you go, find a socket, and put the phone on charging hurriedly. However, the tempo is gone.

Nevertheless, if your phone battery is dying beforehand, you can do some measures to avoid any inconvenience. 

5 Ways To Know Your Smartphone Battery Is Dying:

Here, I will tell you about 5 signs your smartphone battery is dying. If your phone is showing any of these signs, then you should understand that it’s time to replace the battery. 

Let’s have a look at these signs.

  • It Drains So Quickly:

When the battery health starts going down, it drains out quickly. Imagine, you are at a party and want to enjoy some music but oops! It suddenly stops and the battery is dead. 

This happens even when you completely charge your phone before stepping out of the home. This is the total mood spoiler. 

You may not know but this is the biggest sign that your battery has no life anymore. 

So, this is the high time you should consider replacing it. Just replace it and get back to your old smartphone routine. 

  • Your Smartphone Is Overheating:

Overheating is another sign that your battery is not working anymore. When your smartphone starts heating up even after a little use, it’s a point of concern. 

Sometimes, it also happens due to the usage of a few heavy apps. But if the overheating comes with other signs as well then you should not delay it anymore. 

All you have to do is to take your phone to the market and get a new battery. 

After you change the battery, the phone becomes new and you can enjoy your screen time just the way you used to do it.

  • Bulging Battery:

This is the most prominent sign that your battery has lost its power and will be dead soon. 

When you start noticing that your battery is bulging and the phone is not working as it was in the past, then you need a new battery. 

Apart from giving you a tough time in usage, the bulging battery is dangerous in other ways too. 

Putting it on charging for a long time may cause an explosion and you can be at a bigger risk. So, when this sign appears, go and replace your battery in the first place. 

  • You Are Using An Old Phone:

Some people create their comfort zone around one phone once they become used to it. They never want to change it and end up using it for years and years long. 

But does it work in the same capacity for such a long time as it is when you buy it brand-new? Of course not! Certain things need replacement with the time.

In fact, using an old phone isn’t a bad thing but if you expect the same performance from the battery, this is a fallacy. 

Of course, you can use your phone as long as you want, but you should replace the battery once it starts showing dying battery signs. 

Know that this is the very main reason your battery starts dying out. 

  • It’s Never Fully-Charged:

This is also a sign of a dying battery. You put your phone on charging but even after a long time of charging, it’s not charged fully. 

You plug it out, it drains so fast. Another very prominent sign is that your phone only works when you put it on charging and when you unplug the charger, it stops working. 

These are unavoidable signs. At this time, you need a quick replacement and no other thing can fix it for you. 

So, be quick and replace it. Trust me you are not going to regret it. 

Bottom Line:

Battery means life for a smartphone or any other electronic device. Without a battery, your smartphone cannot work. 

If it starts draining quickly, or your phone is heating up, you need to take it seriously. 

You should always know that replacing the battery doesn’t affect your phone’s performance. But it gives a new life to your phone and you can have a fresh start with your favorite phone.

Moreover, changing the phone might be expensive but if you replace the battery, you don’t need to change your phone. 

So, be smart and vigilant about the battery life and stay worry-free. And, if you need any assistance, you can visit Harwin Cellphone Repair Store and get the fastest battery replacement with the best advice to keep it long-lasting. 

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