5 Tips To Prevent Your Cellphone Screen From Getting Scratched

Your cellphone looks great, sleek, and shiny when it comes out of the box with a beautiful display. The quality and durability of smartphones have improved though, but you always want to protect your gadget.

Therefore, you want your cellphone to look new and nice the way it was first bought. The display of your smartphone is the most crucial part of the device. It is also the most expensive and fragile part of your cellphone.

However, your smartphone can lose its luster and shine when it got scratches that damage the beautiful display of your precious gadget. You love your smartphone and want to keep it looking stylish for longer right? But how you can protect your cellphone from scratches to avoid cellphone repairs in Harwin?

Here are our most effective tips to keep your cellphone screen safe from scratches.

1.    Screen Protector Is A Savior:

Screen protectors, yes they work. It is one of the essential accessories for your precious device. They protect the screen surface from scratches and wear and tear.  There are various types of screen protectors available in the market.

Tempered glass screen protectors are very popular among them. They are designed to protect the delicate screen of your smartphone from scratches. They add a layer of protection thus making your cellphone screen scratch-resistant.

They usually come with a reasonable price and are available for almost every brand, they are easily removable, so you can also easily replace it with another.

Some screen protectors are also designed to protect your smartphone screen from water damage. They give you the smoothest feel while protecting your device from damages at a pretty decent price. But, be careful while purchasing a screen protector, always buy one that is specially designed to perfectly fit your smartphone.

2.    Shield Your Phone With Protective Cases:

Investing in a good quality protective phone case will definitely pay you off.  Sturdy full body phone cases give extra protection to your cellphone. These protective phone cases are inexpensive, and you can buy them in different colors and patterns.

They are available for almost every brand and model of smartphones that suits your phone best. Phone cases keep your smartphones intact and thus protects the display screen from those itty-bitty scratches and damages from fall.

You can also find a transparent protective case that gives your phone a natural-looking finish. They are also available in various materials, such as soft or hard plastic or silicone, wood metal, or leather.

Wallet or flip cases are also available, they are out of fashion these days. But they do a great job of protecting the display of your precious smartphone from getting scratched. This way, you can also prevent cellphone repairs in Harwin.

Keep your Device Away from Metal & Sharp Objects:

Have you got some specks and annoying scratches on your cellphone display? Those scratches may probably come from metallic keys you carry with your cellphone in your pocket.  Sharp metal objects are a scratch hazard that can damage cellphone screens by leaving fine scratches, that can destroy the display of your smartphone.

Your cellphone’s screen can get more scratches if you put your phone and keys or coins in the same pocket. Because friction between them can cause mini scratches on the screen.

It is recommended that you put your cellphone in a separate pocket from other metallic objects. For instance keys, tweezers, loose change, or anything metallic to protect the screen from scratches. This is how you can also cut the cost of cellphone repairs in 77036.

Don’t Put Your Phone Facing Down:

We often put our phone down anywhere to free up our hands especially on hard and imbalanced surfaces for instance a bench or the edge of a desk, where our phone is in a serious threat of getting scratches or even falling from a great height.

So even if your cellphone has a protecting case or screen protector, always make sure that you watch where you put your phone. This way you can avoid such disasters to happen to your beloved phone and, consequently, save your hard-earned that you otherwise would be spending on cellphone repairs in Harwin.

Clean It With Care Regularly:

When it comes to cleaning your cellphone, a microfiber cloth is the best choice ever.  You should frequently clean your device to make it clean from dirt particles, oily fingerprints, or smudges. Always clean your cellphone screen from a microfiber lint-free cloth that usually comes with your screen protectors. Don’t clean it with a dry cloth as it can cause fine scratches on the screen.

Use gentle hands to wipe your cellphone screen repeatedly from top to bottom to make your screen shine and free from dust. You can also use little water to moisten the cloth to thoroughly clean the smudges and oily fingerprints.

You can also use a small amount of mixture of distilled water and rubbing alcohol to sanitize your phone. However, always make sure to turn off your cellphone, or unplug it from power before cleaning to avoid any damage.

Here at cellphone repairs in 77036, we want to keep your precious cellphones safe and secure, but, still, if your phone has got a serious issue that only an expert can fix, always choose reliable cellphone repairs in Harwin.



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