Factory reset also known as hard reset is when you set back your device to its default settings. This means you go back to where your phone was when you bought it new.

Moreover, all the data is removed from the phone be it pictures, videos, songs, or even documents. Adding more to that, this even wipes off all the apps you installed earlier.

Why Do You Need To Factory Reset Your Android Phone?


There are many reasons to do so, such as to;

  • Remove all your data when selling the phone to protect your privacy
  • Clear your storage
  • Remove any viruses or malware that comes with downloading apps
  • Make your phone work faster
  • Resolve some software issues such as hanging or screen freezing

How To Reset Your Android Phone?

When talking about what will happen when you reset your android phone, it’s better to teach you how to do it in the first place. Let’s get started;

Step 1:

Go to the settings

Step 2:

Tap on the backups & reset option

Step 3:

Scroll down to see the Factory data reset. Tap on it and then tap on reset phone

And voila! It’s done. However, your phone may restart and reboot several times before resetting so, have patience.

You must know that it is a highly simple procedure. Regardless of what type of device or model of phone you carry, you can factory reset it by following those few easy steps.

Advantages Of Resetting Your Android Phone:

Some people might get worried or even nervous when deleting all their stuff but it does carry a lot of benefits. Let me tell you what benefits you get by resetting your phone:

·       Helps Change Passwords:

Android PIN systems can be most annoying sometimes. As it asks you to set a pattern for the lock screen and still tells you to enter the PIN very often.

Many people who are not good at remembering passwords or tend to confuse with other passwords get in trouble due to this.

In such a case, you can factory reset your phone and then set a new pattern and PIN for unlocking your phone.

·       Fastens The Speed:

Yes, you can indeed improve the performance of your android phone using a factory reset. This is so because doing so clears your phone of any cache or extra things running in the background that are making your device slower.


·       Safe Reselling Of The Device:

Are you planning to resell your phone? Well, it’s pretty obvious as you won’t spend your whole life with the same! This is again where a factory reset will help you remove all your data from the device.

This way, nobody can misuse your data.  Nevertheless, do remember to make a backup of your data before running a factory reset.

·       Troubleshooting:

It can be a way to troubleshoot a lot of problems with the performance of your phone. Especially the freezing of the screen also known as the hanging of the phone.

It is quite frustrating when your phone suddenly hangs between use and you have to restart it several times.


·       Resolves Memory Issues:

Removing all the data, pictures and apps can get you rid of the frequently reappearing memory low message.

Just backup the necessary things and remove the rest.

·       Removes Malware:

Your device is always under attack by vicious viruses which can make your phone do annoying things.

Nonetheless, factory resetting can reverse any changes made to our phone by a virus or malware.

·       Removes Harmful Apps:

Bear in mind that downloading certain apps can carry a lot of malware along. Or, some other things start running in the background that we are unaware of.

Worry not as a factory reset will delete all such apps.

·       Resolves Wi-Fi Issues:


If your device troubles you while connecting to networks or hotspots, you can try a factory reset.

Key Takeaway:

With much advancement in technology, android has partnered with Google to introduce a security feature using factory reset, FRP. Wondering what is FRP?

Well, FRP stands for factory reset protection. In today’s time, our most personal and private data is present on our phones.

Not only pictures but important documents, passwords, and even credit card PINs. That is the reason of releasing this feature indeed.

Inevitably, you cannot afford someone manipulates your data. Hence, if someone tries to factory reset your phone, google will give you an alert right away. With this, your phone gets extra protection.


Will Factory Reset Improve Battery Life?

That is a controversial question most people come up with. In fact, we consider a factory reset as the ultimate solution to all the problems.

But it may or may not improve battery life. The reason is that it can make your battery last longer if a faulty app is draining it too fast.

Otherwise, if it has been corrupted and needs a replacement, resetting your phone won’t be of much help.

I hope this will now help you decide to bring your phone to default settings and start using it just as new.


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