Can Phone Repair Shops Steal Your Data?

Smartphones are a very important part of our lives. In fact, our lives revolve around them. We hold a lot of our useful data on our cellphones. Therefore, we are very particular about our smartphones. It’s not just the calling device but it has features of both a mobile phone and a computer, that allows us to do many tasks.
We can make phone calls, browse the internet, manage bank accounts and make purchases. Whatever the use of our smartphones is, our smartphones are full of personal data which is very much important to us.
Sometimes your smartphone gets damaged by a sudden fall or some hardware failure and needs repair. Will you just let anybody work on your device? Or allow any cell phone repairs in Harwin service personnel to access your data? Obviously not. There are some important things you need to consider before handing over your smartphone to a third-party repair service.

Who Is At Risk?

Broke your cellphone screen? Going to a local cell phones repair in Harwin? Beware, intruders or a hacker can steal your data by just installing a malicious chip in your cellphone! Sounds spooky, but its true there is a possibility of inserting malicious chip while replacing cellphone screens to steal your data.
Smartphone users who prefer cheap repairs are at great risk to expose themselves to great danger. Some phone repair personnel at third-party repair shop can shatter your trust. If an intruder gets access to your smartphone hardware there is no way to go back and you can lose all your precious data.

How To Stay Safe?

You might think that your PIN lock is enough to secure your phone, but unfortunately, your smartphone is still open to security breach. Some data recovery applications can extract your data even when your smartphone is locked.
There are few things to consider before taking your smartphone for repair.

Create A Backup:

Your smartphone data is the most valuable thing. It contains your account details, contacts, photos, text messages, confidential documents, and emails. So it is important to have a backup of all data. By data backup, you can avoid the risk of data loss during the repair process. You can upload your data to Google Drive or can have a backup to an external storage or hard drive. You can also sync all your contacts to Google contacts and can be carefree.

Remove Any Personal Data And Reset Phone:

Regardless of how trustworthy the phone repair service center is the chances of data breach by someone can’t be overlooked. To make sure your data is safe from theft or loss, make sure to encrypt data before service. So no one can access your valuable data. When your data is safely backed up, you can remove your data from your smartphone.
If you’re an Android user, then you can delete your cellphone data by just tapping the ‘Setting’ app and then the ‘Reset’ or ‘Backup’ & Reset option. iPhone users can reset the phone by following steps. Go to ‘Settings’ application, tap General then Reset and tap Erase all content option. This will reset your phone to its factory setting.

Remove External Storage:

Most of your data and media files would be stored in the micro-SD card, so it is essential to keep it safe. It is recommended to remove your micro-SD card and external storage device if there is any prior to repair.

Remove Your SIM Card:

It’s important to remove your SIM card before handing it over to the service center. Because, if your SIM card gets into the wrong hands, then it may be misused. So, make sure to remove the SIM card from your smartphone before repair service.

Remove Security Locks:

If your smartphone is secured with a password, fingerprint authentication, or pattern lock, then disable it before repairs. This will allow the repair service experts to check your cellphone status after the problem is fixed.

Note Down the IMEI No:

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a fifteen-digit unique serial number every phone has. It is always recommended that you note down the IMEI number of your smartphone prior to repair. So, if your smartphone is handed over to someone else by mistake, then you can easily identify your cellphone with the IMEI number.
Just dial *#06# your IMEI number will show up on the screen note down it to be on a safer side

Disable Factory Reset Protection & Remove Google Account:

Don’t forget to disable Factory Reset Protection. Along with that remove all accounts from your smartphone. You can disable the factory reset protection once you have removed all your accounts from your phone.

Choose Trustworthy and A Reputed Technician For Your Cell Phone Repairs In Harwin:

You’re all set to give your phone to an expert for repair only after you’ve taken all precautionary measures to keep your data safe. Now, it’s important that you hand over your device to a reputable technician.
A certified and skilled technician like our professional cellphone repairs in Harwin fully understands your privacy and safety requirements. You can check out our first-hand cellphone repairs in Harwin service to get your phone repaired at your doorstep with convenience and satisfaction.

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