Comparison Of Ear Pods And Ear Buds. Which One Is The Best And Why?

Many people usually think that ear pads and earbuds are two synonyms of a single audio playback device. Therefore, both terms are often used interchangeably. 

We agree that both were designed for the same purpose i.e., to provide you with a high-quality experience at your convenience. But they have some major key differences. 

So, when you visit a market to buy one for yourself, you really don’t know which one will suit you best. In addition to that, it is easy to become overwhelmed due to a large variety of brands and their attractive packaging and different features. 

In such circumstances, you really can’t make a choice. But you don’t need to worry as we are here to break it down for you. 

You will be able to recognize the key differences and will make an informed decision. Let’s begin. 



Due to their attractive design, earbuds have become very popular among the young generation. They are entirely two wireless pods and each has its own drive.  

One of the major differences between the two is their placement. You need to place earbuds on the outer side of your ear canal which is called concha. 

Moreover, they don’t need cushions or silicone tips as they are placed outside but you can find some with them as well. However, they come in just one standard size. 



In contrast to its counterpart, they are a single and continuous unit. There is no separation of wire from the speakers. 

Earphones go inside your ear canal. Hence, they come in different sizes. They also have silicone tips so that, you can get a comfortable experience. 

Let’s compare them here.

  • Exterior:

The easiest and the obvious difference lies in their appearance. 

  • As we have covered, earphones, connected to each other by a wire, are considered as a single unit. The volume controls are usually present on the speaker. 
  • Earbuds are two different pods that maintain a wireless connection. They are smaller in size. The pods have volume control as well. 
  • Cost:
  • Their price depends upon the model and make. But generally, earbuds cost a little more because they are packed with more features. Such as Bluetooth connectivity, bass control, charge case, uniquely innovative design, etc. 
  • If an earphone has these features, then its price will also be around the same figure. Many smartphones contain a pair of earphones inside their box. Otherwise, you can always buy a simple one anytime. 
  • Audio Quality And Noise Cancellation:

Both devices were meant for portability and therefore, they are small in size. This may affect their audio quality. Both have almost similar drivers depending upon the model or brand. 

The main difference depends upon how they fit in your ear. 

  • Earphones have a better fitting therefore, they provide sound clarity. They directly project sound into the ear and use noise isolation. You won’t get distracted from the outside sound as they prevent sound leakage. 
  • But if you want to stay aware of your surroundings, ten earbuds can do that for you. They rest on the concha and don’t use noise cancellation.
  • Safety:

Both of them have similar safety concerns. If the volume is raised too high, then it will cause direct damage to the ear. 

Both the earbuds and ear pods need to be kept clean. Notably, earbuds are much easier to clean as they do not have silicon tips.

  • Connectivity:
  • Earphones are usually connected via a wired connection to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Some models do support a Bluetooth connection as well. The wired connection is less durable as compared to the Bluetooth one. 
  • Earbuds only support Bluetooth connectivity. However, both of the pods need to make a connection. 
  • Comfort:
  • Many people find earphones to be very comfortable as they go directly inside the ear and no hard metal or plastic rest on the concha. They provide a snug feeling as they directly fit also providing a better sound experience. But they can fall out if the wire is impacted upon. 
  • Earbuds rest on the concha therefore, they need silicone tips or cushions to get a better fit. If they are too small or big, then they will often fall out while exercising, etc.
  • Battery Life:
  • Earphones do not require any battery as they draw power from the device they get connected to. Due to fewer features, they also draw very little power which is hardly noticeable. 
  • In contrast, earbuds require a battery. Their battery life is dependent upon the model and makes of the product. 
The Takeaway:

Both of these offer different features but provide almost the same experience. So, the one you decide should fit your needs and budget. After all, the buyer should always be satisfied with the product he is investing in. Want to buy, contact us

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