Types Of Security Locks In Smart Phone

In this age and time, you cannot function without a smartphone. Despite serving its original purpose, that is connectivity, it also stores a large amount of personal data. Everything is made convenient and a piece of cake by using this handheld technology. 

It serves as a watch, calendar, browser, radio, camera, phonebook, and much more. Moreover, it has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Other than media, it also stores our other personal information such as bank accounts, security numbers, etc. 

Therefore, we need to properly secure our phones so that the sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. For this very purpose, we have brought forward many security options that are already installed on your phone. 

Smartphone manufacturers kept your safety in their minds while designing phones. They have put in many options for the very reason, which are just waiting to be enabled. 

Types Of Security Locks:

There are many locks that provide essential security. You can choose any one of them as some provide convenience while others are securer than their counterparts:


Many smartphone owners use pin all across the globe. It is much easier than typing the whole password. It can allow up to 16-digits which means you can make many different combinations to safeguard your data. 

However, the majority of the people choose the 4-digit pin as serves the purpose and also makes things much easier to operate and remember. 

Make sure to make such a combination that is complex and not predictable such as 1234 or 4444. But not that strong that ends up forgetting. 


It is the most secure way to lock your phone even to this date and time. A good password is highly unpredictable and you can use letters, both in lowercase and uppercase, numbers, etc., and make up a good combination. 

It ensures the safety of your phone and your personal information. The only downside to it is that typing in the long password every time you need to use your phone. 

It doesn’t pass as convenient as we tend to use our phone at least a hundred times a day.  So, it becomes a sort of an annoyance. There’s also the chance of mistyping long passwords leading to more delay.  


It is the most intuitive form of security lock which is both fun to use and ensures your safety. You can make up a simple pattern to even set up a complex one, depending upon your choice. This lock requires you draw a pattern on a grid of nine dots. 

You can make patterns either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. What else? It is extremely easy to use as the pattern settles in the memory and you can make the swiping actions almost naturally every time you need to use your phone. 

Always make sure to hide while drawing the pattern as someone might be looking over your shoulder.  


It offers the lowest security. Therefore, it provides maximum convenience, ease, and speed. With just a swipe of a finger, you can unlock your phone. By setting this one, your phone is at high risk regarding safety. 

Fingerprint Recognition:

Manufacturers are making this option quite common by putting them on many android phones. It provides security, speed and has been recognized as an intuitive security lock for your smartphone. They are unique, therefore, have minimal chances of hacking. 

The only issue is that some fingerprint sensors are not so much responsive. They might also not be placed in the best position. You also won’t be able to open your phone with a glove on. 

Facial Recognition:

You can unlock your phone just by putting it in front of your face. This lock system captures the structure of your face by using the camera and keeps it in its memory. This system, then, uses it for verification the next time you try to open your phone. 

Notably, it becomes a nuisance when it fails to recognize the face due to poor lighting or when you are wearing glasses. It may also detect any other look-alike person due to which it can pose as a threat. 

Smart Lock:

Many android phones are featuring smart locks in their systems. It offers convenience as well as security. It offers many unique features, for example:

  • Unlocks when it senses that you are carrying it
  • Opens when it senses you are at a trusted location
  • Unlocks when it’s in range of a trusted Bluetooth device
  • Allows you to unlock it with the sound of your voice

The Takeaway:

You need to select the security lock which will suit you best. Different people have different preferences so, you need to make the call in the end. The main thing is to keep your phone safe. 



7 common security lock types in smartphones

Password Lock
Pin Lock
Pattern Lock
FingerPrint Lock
Face Recognition
Swipe Lock
Smart Lock

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