What Are The Distinguishing Features Of iPhone 12 And iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Undoubtedly, a mobile phone marks your status and if you are an iPhone user, you are obviously at the higher strata. In fact, iPhone enhances your personality and looks really beautiful in your hand when you are using it. 

Moreover, iPhone is very much different from android phones and once you are used to it, you can never switch back to android. 

On top of this, iPhone has many distinctive features that make it unique. Its camera, memory, body, everything is designed according to the latest technology and trends. 

Besides, it comes in beautiful colors that are very important to fashionistas. With the latest models, iPhone brings something new and improved version. Let’s have a look at the distinguishing features of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 pro max.

iPhone 12:

iPhone 12 has come with the latest technology in comparison with the previous iPhones. Let’s see what new it has. 

  • An Amalgam Of Old And New:

iPhone 12 has a stylish design. It’s as sleek as iPhone 4. Its body is made up of glass just like the previous Apple phones with an aluminum band around the phone. 

What’s even better? It’s easy to hold and makes you look attractive and elegant. Moreover, its stylish design goes with the latest trends and fashions.

Similar to other iPhones, it is also water-resistant but this time, the company has increased the resistance for up to 1P68. 

Now, you can use it underwater not deep than 6 meters and not more than 30 minutes. But as Apple doesn’t give a warranty for water damage, you should never go in the deep waters with your iPhone. 

  • Screen Display:

Its screen display is 6.1 inches that are really big and you can watch anything you like and enjoy the holiday. Adding more to this, the screen made with super retina XDR is the latest technology and is much better than HDR. 

Previously, iPhones were delicate but this time it has a ceramic shield. It gives protection to your phone if you accidentally drop it. 

Furthermore, the process of temperature crystallization also adds durability to this model as compared to the previous ones. 

  • Camera With Dual Lens:

The camera is the major attraction for the young generation whenever they go to buy a phone. iPhones always have the best cameras but iPhone 12 has a camera with dual-lens. It has 12-Megapixels rear cameras that are similar to iPhone 11 in setup. 

Although the layout is the same as the previous one, the aperture is wider than iPhone 11. So, the pictures are 27 times brighter and clear.

  • Front Camera:

The front camera is also 12mp with an f/2.2 lens. It allows you to have the best selfies. Moreover, the face ID system is also very new in this model. 

  • 5G Capability:

With the 5G capability, iPhone 12 has taken you to the next level of gaming and streaming. Now, you can enjoy your gaming and streaming time without any disruption with high definition. Awesome! Isn’t it?

iPhone 13 Pro Max:

Let’s have a look at the prominent features of the iPhone 13 pro max now.

  • Body And Design:

iPhone 13 pro max has a front body with a ceramic shield and a glass back with a matte texture and stainless steel design. Also, it is 6.3 inches long and 3.07 inches wide and weighs 240gms. 

  • Screen Display:

Its screen is 6.7 inches and gives a vast picture of everything. It has a super retina XDR display. 

What’s more? It allows the best view with no stress on your eyes. So, you can now enjoy your games or Netflix time on a big screen with a ProMotion OLED display. 

  • Water And Dust Resistant:

Similar to iPhone12, it is also water-resistant for up to 6 meters underwater for no more than 30 minutes. 

Apart from that, it is also dust and splash-resistant. So, don’t stop and capture your lovely moments without any hindrance. 

  • Cameras:

iPhone 13 pro max has a 12 megapixels camera system with wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras. Notably, all these cameras have different apertures that allow you to take a picture in many dimensions. 

The telephoto camera has an f/2.8 aperture, the wide camera has an f/1.5 aperture and the ultra-wide camera has an f/1.8 aperture. Moreover, it allows optical zoom in to 3x, optical zoom out to 2x, and optical zoom range to 6x.

Distinctively, its portrait Lighting comes with six effects i.e., Natural, Contour, Studio, Stage Mono, Stage, and High-Key Mono.

  • Colors:

This stylish and latest technology phone comes in 4 sophisticated colors i.e., 

  • Sierra Blue
  • Gold
  • Graphite
  • Silver

So, you can buy any color you want and make your personality more charming and elegant. 

Face ID:

You can enable face ID by using the TrueDepth camera. 

  • Apple Pay:

With Apple Pay, you can purchase from stores online by using your face ID. You can buy apps and other things by using Apple cash. This is the most distinguishing feature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max up till now.

After knowing the distinguishing features of both models, it’s all up to you to get the iPhone that meets your preferences and budget.  

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