Earpiece Replacement Services For Cellphone And Laptop

Have audio issues? Well, nobody likes a distorted or a lost sound. We all want clarity, don’t we? Over and above this, if you are a music lover or a workaholic, you must be using your earpiece connected to your phone or laptop anywhere, anytime.

Be it heavy rain, cold, or scorching hot, your earpiece should stand by you. Nevertheless, if it fails to do so, head towards earpiece replacement services for cellphones and laptops.

Let’s get to know more about it here:

What Is An Earpiece?   

An electronic component of your mobile phone or laptop that enables you to listen to the sound of the audio is known as an earpiece.

With the help of the earpiece, the receiver will be able to hear whatever the caller is saying from the other end.

The earpiece of your device may require fixing if you are unable to hear the voice of the caller clearly, hear static or hear crackling, or have issues with the quality of sound.

Replacing an earpiece is not a long process as it just takes around 40-60 mins. As far as the cost of ear replacement service is concerned, it depends on the model of your phone.

Let’s look into some more reasons for replacing an earpiece.

Reasons Your Device’s Earpiece Needs Replacement:

Since the earpiece is a delicate and tiny cable, it requires extra care while handling. It can stop working completely or start working improperly due to the following reasons,

1. Damaged Cable:

If the cable has got any cut somehow, it will automatically cut off sound transmission from your plug to the earphone jack.

Why does this happen? This can happen because of overstretching of your earphone when using them.  In such a case, you will have to bind the cables together to keep on using it, and that becomes impractical sometimes.

2. Cable Bending:

Bear in mind that bending your cables to keep them in your backpack or pockets while you are on the go can deteriorate sound quality. Your earpiece can also stop working properly because of bending.

What you need to do here is to bend them gently for keeping them in your pocket or bag.

3. Wire Shortage:

A damaged cable can cause a shortage in a wire. For that reason, your device’s earpiece will unable to work properly.

All such reasons can lead to ear replacement services.

Key Takeaway: Tips To Fix The Earpiece Yourself:

Do the following to fix your problematic earpiece yourself.

Cable Testing:

  • In the case your earpiece has stopped working, it’s time to test the cable. To do so;
  • Insert the plug of the earpiece into your smartphone/laptop
  • Use your fingers to make several bends for identifying a possible point of a broken cable.

In the case the earpiece is making a sound while pressing the cable, then that’s the wire where the problem lies.


  • Label the point at which you identified a sound while bending.
  • Use some sharp material for peeling the exact cable’s point and then unbend the wire.

Deactivate the Mono Audio Option:

For deactivating the mono option, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your device
  • Hit the Click button on ‘Accessibility’
  • If you see the option ‘Hearing enhancement’, click on it.
  • The last step includes disabling Mono Audio
Check the plug of your earpiece
  • The pointed part of your earpiece that’s connected to your phone is your earpiece plug. The pair of your earphones join together at this center point. You may need to check it out for making sure there is no problem with this part.
    To do so,
  • Place the earpiece in your ear and gently touch its angles.
  • In the case the plug is problematic, your earpiece will produce an unstable sound.
  • To fix it, use a sharp instrument for scrapping the plug’s upper point gently.
  • The next step includes pressing and feeling the earpiece’s connection point, then removing and soldering it using a soldering iron again.


  • Check the settings of your Audio
  • Detach the front case
  • Head towards earpiece replacement:

If still, after doing all mentioned above, your earpiece is not working rightly, go to some reliable professional for its replacement.

Why You Should Only Choose Professional For Earpiece Replacement Services?

This is so because a professional ear replacement service will use the original parts to replace your device’s earpiece. This will guarantee the long-lastingness of the earpiece and high-quality sound.

Besides, professionals also provide you with a warranty so that, you don’t have to rush to fix or replace the earpiece ever so often.

How Can We Help?

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Our expert team of technicians do it seamlessly for you so you could always listen to crystal clear audio.

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