Modern times have led to the development of modern and updated gadgets. Currently, we see various updates and innovative features trending in the market technology.

Similarly, the creators continuously maximize the capacity of memory and storage space in a device. Because without any doubt, it is the most important feature.

However, you still see a pop-up now and then, reminding you to make more space.

How To Sort It Out?

Are you also tired of freeing up space every day? Still, you see that annoying little pop-up that reminds you to do so again and again. Well, we have just got the solution for you. With these tips, you will be able to make room for more memories.

1.    Remove Unused Apps:

All phone users must have installed apps that they have only used once. Well, guess what? They are consuming space and battery in the background.

That’s why before looking for anything else, delete all unnecessary apps from your phone to get rid of needless data.

2.    Empty The Trash Bin:

Whenever you delete a picture or video, it goes into the trash bin. There, it stores for a month by default. So, you must also remember to empty the trash bin of your phone every once in a while.

3.    Clear Your Bowser’s Cache:

Your go-to browser can also consume a lot of space by storing data and history information. For no practical reason, the browser keeps on adding to the memory of your iPhone.

So, remember to wipe out the browser’s cache history.

To do that,

  • Firstly, go to the bowser’s settings
  • Finally, clear all history

4.    Temporary Text Storage:

Keep in mind that the default setting of an iPhone automatically stores all text messages that were ever sent or received. So, obviously, that consumes a lot of space.

Hundreds and thousands of unnecessary texts get stored up on your phone. They all contribute to consuming battery and space, which ultimately affects its performance.

Therefore, if you want to make more room for important stuff, you need to change this default setting. If you are not that much attached to your messages, then:

  • Go to settings
  • Select messages option
  • Then choose message history
  • Next, tap on keep messages

Subsequently, select which option suits you best:

  • 30 days
  • 1 year
  • Or, forever.

After choosing one, a notification will ask you if you want to keep all older messages.

  • Choose ‘Delete all’ to free up space.


5.    Discover What Is Taking Up All The Space?

The first step to solving a problem is identifying its cause. Before moving further, make sure you discover, which factor is consuming the memory of your phone.

Otherwise, you will just keep on deleting unnecessary files. To fulfill this purpose, go to the storage of your phone and find out which app is consuming the most out of it. Usually, media apps, gallery, etc. are the culprits.

Moreover, the list will also summarize the details of these apps such as their size and the data size they contain.

By this, you can differentiate whether the app is taking up space or the data is the problem.

6.    External Storage Platform:

Choose an external storage device such as a hard disk o memory card to increase your storage capacity. Besides, keep on transferring the old files which you want to save to that device. Doing so will free up your phone for new memories.

7.    No Need For Photo Streaming:

This feature of an iPhone also consumes a lot of space as the pictures are stored twice. Know that your phone will have a duplicate of every file but you can easily deactivate this feature by switching it off simply.

In this way, your phone won’t save duplicates. But they will be available for you on other linked devices where the photo streaming option is active.

8.    Delete The Reading List:

The browser’s reading list also consumes space as it saves web pages that you can access even without the internet.

To clear the unnecessary cache;

  • Go to settings
  • Then storage and iCloud usage to clear it.

9.    Delete Unnecessary Media:

If you need to capture a very important moment or download an important file and need space but you are out of it, then what can you do?

The immediate solution is to delete all unnecessary media files stored in your gallery.

Noticeably, videos take up more space than pictures. Or, you can go to iPhone storage by going to the settings. Choose an app and see which one is consuming the most. From there, delete that data file.

10. Factory Reset:

When all these things don’t seem to work, then we have another trick up our sleeve. That is resetting your phone as doing so just might clear up all the space.

But before doing that, make sure to save all important data and information by syncing your account to another temporary credible device.

Go to settings to choose this option. By doing so, you will have to set up your device from scratch once again.

The Takeaway:

Phones are the most important and underrated gadget in our daily routines. They have a lot of memory stored in them. Some apps might be taking up a lot of space. Whereas, in some cases, media consumes a lot of memory.

These tips and tricks are a sure way of freeing up space in your phone. You will ensure its good performance by following these hacks indeed.

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