The reason you are wandering here is for sure that you want to save your phone’s battery life. In fact, we all want to use our phones for as long as possible without putting them on a charger. Agree?

Because why not? You want to have your phone all the time with you. This is so because you watch time, play games, make and attend calls, send and receive messages, and capture images through your phone. And, whether it’s work-related or entertainment-based, the list of activities using your phone is never-ending indeed.

In this regard, to make the most out of your phone’s power, you need to know about some battery-preserving hacks. A few of them are listed below.

1.    Decluttering Your Home Screen Can Work:

Is your home screen loaded with widgets and apps? Do you really need them there? How many times in a day do you actually make use of those apps or widgets?

Bear in mind that if your home screen is cluttered, it will contribute to draining your phone’s power.

No doubt, a live wallpaper does look catchy, nonetheless, it eats up your battery more in comparison to those conventional wallpapers.

For that reason, you need to organize your home screen mindfully. In this regard, try keeping it as minimal as possible. What else? Setting a plain black wallpaper can also help in longer battery life.

Aside from that, always check for the battery capacity before purchasing a phone, in particular, if it’s a pre-owned one. What else should you consider in this regard? Click here to know more.


2.    Consider Turning Off Sound And Vibration Mode:

Have you joined a super active group on WhatsApp? Is your news feed always full of notifications? Ask yourself if you actually need to know about those active chat heads or feeds.

Keep in mind that the repeated beeping of your smartphone will contribute to draining its battery. Well, you don’t need to turn on the sound or vibration mode forever to get hooked, especially if you’re particular to preserve your phone’s battery.

Instead, message previews and banners are always there to keep you updated about the new messages as well as notifications.

Therefore, try keeping those power-consuming modes off by;

  • Going to Settings
  • Choosing Sounds and Vibrations

3.    Set Shorter Display Screen Timeout:

Indisputably, you don’t want to get into the hassle of plugging in your phone again and again. So, consider the ways that help preserve your battery life such as setting the screen timeout to 15-30 seconds.

Is the timeout of your phone’s screen ninety seconds or one minute? If yes, this will consume more battery in comparison to a shorter timeout. And, you do not want this to happen, right?

For that reason, set a shorter display screen timeout, preferably 30 seconds or less for enjoying using your phone for longer hours.

Notably, certain hardware problems in your smartphone can also reduce its battery life. That’s why always rely on a reliable cellphone repair shop in Harwin.


4.    Let Unused Apps Sleep:

Why are those apps running in the background purposelessly? Have you checked them? Know that they are there just to drain your phone’s battery and nothing else. Over and above this, they are also consuming your mobile data.

To combat this situation, you can put those battery-draining apps to sleep by going to App Power Management settings.

Apart from that, close all the unnecessary apps that you were using earlier. Such as if you were watching a tutorial on YouTube or reading a Facebook post and got a call in between, close those apps before attending the call.

Or else, they will only eat up your phone’s power and data as well. Whereas you can always resume your Tutorial or continue reading that post on Fb simply by launching those apps again after finishing your call.

 Looking For More Hacks?

Here are some more power-preserving hacks for your android phone.

  • Befriend With The Power Saving Mode.

Doing so adds to the battery life by cutting back on certain power-draining functions.  You can enable this mode by;

  • Going to Settings
  • Then go to Battery And Device Care
  • Enable Power Saving Mode
  • Enable Airplane Mode.

In those hours, when you are not using your network’s data, turning the airplane mode on can work for maximizing your phone’s power. Doing so will turn your phone’s data off, disconnect Wi-Fi and disable Bluetooth also. To do so;

  • Open the pull-down screen
  • From there, tap onto the Airplane Mode to enable it
  • Control The Brightness Level Of Your Phone’s Screen.

A full bright screen is enough to reduce your phone’s battery effortlessly. It usually happens when you rely on auto brightness. So, try to adjust the brightness level manually for extended battery life.

Wrapping It Up:

These hacks are undoubtedly helpful in extending your phone’s power. Besides, they will also save you from that backend hassle of plugging in your phone at the moments when doing so might be impossible.

So, keep in mind them in order to get the most out of your android’s battery.

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