Android is the most famous mobile operating system that owns the modern world.

Statistically, 2.5 billion people across 190 countries actively use Android for daily activities. Similar to other smart devices, Android offers a great list of features for a better user experience.

These features evolve over time, and sometimes new updates come with additional features. The basis of these additional features is to make your user experience smoother and more interesting.

However, you might not be aware of many interesting hidden features in your phone. We are here to blow the cover on some hidden Android features you must try. Let’s get started;

1.    Guest Mode:

Interestingly, your Android allows you to make as many guest profiles as required. Moreover, it will enable you to lend your mobile to others without letting them invade your privacy. So neither your friends can check your private messages nor do your children can video call a random person.

To enable the guest mode, follow these steps;

  • Go to your user profile in  Quick Settings
  • Select Add Guest, and there you go!

2.    Focus Mode:

No matter how frequently you use your phone, some apps could still be a nuisance when you are busy.

This is where Focus mode can be your best mate, as it silences some apps temporarily. This way, it allows you to carry out your daily activities without unnecessary interruptions.

You can enable the focus mode from your quick settings panel.

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3.    QR Code Scanner:

QR codes are an instant source of information. That is why restaurants, shops, and public event managers use QR codes to display their details, offers, and discounts.

To avail of them, having a QR code scanner on your phone is necessary. Rather than installing a third-party app, Android 13 has gifted its users with a built-in QR code scanner.

  • Press the little pencil icon below the quick setting menu to check all the quick toggles in action.
  • Hold the QR code scanner
  • Drag and drop it at the top
  • Click the back button, and there you have it!

4.    Smart Lock:

Isn’t it cumbersome to unlock your device every single time when you want to use it? Worry not because Android has a hidden solution for it. Rather than going through a long process of unlocking your phone, you can enable the smart lock.

Wondering what it does? Smart lock unlocks your phone under certain reliable circumstances. It might include trusted places such as home or devices such as Bluetooth of a speaker.

What’s more? It also has an on-body identification feature. Your Android will unlock as soon as it enters these trusted conditions and vice versa. To get this;

  • Select Advanced Settings in settings.
  • Choose Smart Lock.

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5.    Show Emergency Info:

You must have heard that technology saves lives, but how? Android offers you a feature to add your necessary medical or personal information to it. This will help you or your loved ones to get immediate help during an unfortunate condition.

For instance, if you get into an accident, medical personnel can assist you according to your emergency information. A plus point is that they do not require a passcode to view this information. To obtain this;

  • Select About Phone in Settings.
  • Add your necessary information in Emergency Information and start making the most of this feature.

6.    Locking The Apps:

You can now say goodbye to the anxiety you face while others are holding your phone. This undercover Android feature locks your apps with the screen code.

Thus, no one can go through your apps until they enter your security pin code again. This feature enables the protection of the apps consisting of your personal and private information. To get this:

  • Firstly, choose the security menu in the setting
  • Secondly, go to the advanced setting and select the app pinning.
  • Now launch the app that someone wants to use on your phone.
  • Next, press the square button at the end of the phone screen to open recent apps.
  • Finally, pin the app by tapping the pin icon in the lower right corner.

7.    Live Captions:

It is pretty annoying when you are watching a video on your phone but are unable to catch some words properly.

Luckily you can save yourself from this hassle using live captions. In fact, this feature of Android helps you to understand a video without having an audible sound to it.

Moreover, it is useful when you want to check out a video but do not have headphones.

This feature is available for Android 10 and versions after it. You only need to tap the box under the volume scale when playing audio.

8.    Dark Mode:

Some of us already use dark mode on our phones, especially at night. However, the latest versions of Androids now offer automatic enabling of dark mode according to a set schedule.

For example, you can automatically enable dark mode at bedtime to prevent eye strain. To do so;

  • Go to the Display section in the Settings
  • Select Dark mode.
  • Tap Schedule and select a suitable time.

There are plenty of other android features that you are unaware of. You can still find them on your own to benefit from them as they are created to ease your life.


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