How To Increase The Life Of Your Cellphone Battery?

Cellphones have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. They were introduced as means of communication but they eventually took over many other features. 

Calendars, calculators, media players, cameras, browsers, data storage, streaming device, and much more have been made possible through the use of smartphones. 

But we can enjoy all such interesting features only when the battery of the phone is strong. If not, it only becomes an annoyance. 

Luckily, there are many different ways by which you can extend the battery of your phone and make it last longer. Generally, the behavior of the battery depends upon the specific type of device you have such as Li-Poly batteries, Li-ion battery, etc. 

Tips You Need To Follow:

Nowadays, the android screens are getting bigger and brighter which squeezes a lot out of your battery life. However, by following some of the tips mentioned below, you can save a lot and extend your screen time further. 

  • Avoid Draining Your Phone:

Most of us tend to drain our battery to the minimum point before we decide to plug it in. The old batteries remember that and, hence, eventually reduce their usefulness. 

But if we are draining it to the zero point, we also need to charge it completely as well. Otherwise, the battery life gets affected. 

However, for the new phones, this is not the case. On the contrary, it produces a stressful environment for the battery to function properly. They should always be kept above 20% capacity and below 90% so that they can perform their best.

50% Charging:

Smartphones are usually at their happiest when they are kept at 50% capacity. If you are planning to store it, then the smart choice would be to charge it to 50%, turn it off and then store it. 

If you store your phone for a longer period of time, then your battery is at the risk of degrading as they were designed to be used. Therefore, it’s better to turn it on several times during that duration to keep it working. 

Screen Brightness:

The brightness of the screen consumes the battery a whole lot more than you would think. Auto brightness resolves this issue. It fixes the brightness of the screen according to its surroundings automatically. 

Even when this option is activated, you are able to manage the brightness manually as well.  By using this option, not only the battery of your phone but your eyes will also thank you. 

Dark Theme:

By turning on the dark theme, your phone consumes less energy as dark colors always use less energy in comparison to bright colors e.g., white. 

The dark theme is also very relieving for the eyes as it does not strain your sight. Such a strain can also disrupt your sleep patterns if continued for long. 

What’s more? The dark theme also presents a unique and beautiful display which makes the experience enjoyable for the users. 

Silencing Your Phone:

Constant beeps and buzz of notifications are not only irritating but also consume the battery more than you would want. In fact, the vibrations and sounds use energy that comes directly from your battery so, it ends up getting drained. 

Go to the settings and turn down the intensity of the vibrations. 

Screen Timeout:

We often leave our phones unattended without turning them off and forget about them. Many aged people who are new users tend to do so. Bear in mind that, this habit takes a whole chunk out of your battery life. 

Nevertheless, you can reduce the auto screen timeout to avoid this from happening. By reducing it to 1 minute or even 30 seconds, you can save a lot of energy. 

Manage Apps That Waste Battery:

Daily apps are getting designed and published to facilitate us. However, along with that, there are also many apps that are heavy and put a strain on your phone. 

Notably, many gaming and media apps are the culprits. They consume a large number of batteries and reduce their life. 

You need to keep an eye out for such apps that use a disproportionate amount of energy. You can disable them or restrict permissions wherever you think it is possible. 

Delete Unused Apps And Accounts:

It’s better to delete such apps that you don’t use much rather than keep them. Keep in mind that they consume the battery even when they are not running. So, it becomes a waste of storage and battery to harbor them. 

The Takeaway:

It is not an easier task to replace or repair your phone. So, by following some of these tips, you can make sure to avoid this problem. 

You will be able to preserve the battery life of your phone and make it last longer. And, these are very simple solutions that can keep unwanted issues at bay. 

8 Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Cellphone Battery

Avoid Draining Your Phone
50% Charging
Screen Brightness
Dark Theme
Silencing Your Phone
Screen Timeout
Manage Apps That Waste Battery
Delete Unused Apps And Accounts

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