How To Overcome Cellphones Increased Temperature Issues While Using The Demanding Apps?

Every one of us has dealt with a phone that becomes overheated for no reason at all. However, the phone may start to function properly after giving it a rest or after restarting it. But the real concern begin when the problem persists. 

Particularly, it becomes a headache when your phone starts to hinder your regular use by shutting down at unlikely times. Imagine contacting your Uber under a scorching Sun and your phone just decided to shut down because it got heated! 

Undoubtedly, one would lose calm in this situation and want to smash the phone on the ground. Anyhow, we do not suggest you to do so as we have a better plan to conquer this situation. 

Avoiding the increased temperature of the phone while using it regularly is not impossible. You can prevent the problem by just putting in a little bit more care whilst using the mobile. This care is quite essential if you are not in a state to change your mobile in the mean time. To curb out the problem, one should know the reason that is causing it.

Why My Phone Is Getting Overheated?

There could be many possible reasons that could lead to an overheated phone. The most general cause is the overwork. Our phone uses electrical energy to perform its function. If there are many applications running at a time, this can simply result in intensified heat of mobiles. 

Moreover, if you are on the mobile most of the time, it can also result in the increased temperature of the phone. Overheated phone could also be an outcome of a swelled battery. Many of us leave our phones on the charger for more time than needed which could also add to the problem. 

How To Resolve The Issue?

Despite the basis of the problem, it will be a burden if remain unsolved. Your phone would be shutting off insanely and you will be in a constant anxious state. 

Under the given circumstances, you will not only be affected physically but also mentally. The question arises here is that are you already feeling stressed? No need to! We are giving you some of the effective ways to resolve this issue to increase your phone’s life:

  • Keep Away From Increasing Your Phone’s Brightness:

By increasing the brightness, you are just putting more load on your battery. The more the brightness, the sooner the phone will get hot. It is better to opt for screen covers that make it possible to use your cellphones under the bright Sun.

  • Close The Background Running Applications:

We switch back and forth to many applications including social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or games etc. This keeps many applications running in the background. It is better to spare some time to close them away. 

This will not only avert the heating problem but will also improve the battery life of our phones.

  • Settle On Airplane Mode:

If you are not interested in using any internet-driven application, it is preferable to put your phone on airplane mode. By following this method, you can use regular applications without causing any disturbance. 

On top of that, it will keep your phone away from unnecessary heat.

  • Cool Your Phone Down:

If your phone is already heated, try to move it under a fan to cool it down. Try not to place it under the direct Sun. Phone case may also contribute to its temperature so it is suggested to remove it too. 

Turn your phone on battery saver mode to prevent the excessive use of the battery. Also, clean the junk files or cache data to remove the burden from the phone.

  • Let Go Of Unnecessary Applications:

Sometimes we end up installing so many applications on our phones which we are not intended to use regularly. It is recommended to get rid of them by uninstalling them. The space that will be freed up will enable the mobile to breathe and work properly.

  • Keep Your Mobile Updated:

If your phone is continuously lagging and constantly burning then you should check for updates. Software or applications after update starts to manage their energy consumption properly which will cool down the mobile.

  • It Could Be All About The Camera:

Have you been recording something for a while? Or have you left your camera and flash open without realizing until you felt a boiling sensation in your hand? Camera and flashlight could be the perpetrator of this issue. 

Once camera or flashlight use is restricted, you can see a favorable reduction in your phone’s heat.

  • Charge It Smartly:

Leaving your phone on a charger even after fully charging it could also disturb the heat distribution of your phone. One of the tricks to forestall this situation is to charge your phone smartly. Remove the phone from the charger when it has reached the 80-90%. 

Furthermore, do not let your phone die at 0%, try to charge it sooner.

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