Latest Bluetooth Speaker Devices

Be it a party all-night scene at home or those day-long trips on the road, a Bluetooth speaker always comes in handy. Their portability, long time span of the battery, resistance to water and dust, and heavy-duty are built to make them both your at-home and go-to partner.

Nevertheless, not all Bluetooth speakers offer the same attributes, some come with more advanced features than others. And this is what you should consider while opting for the latest Bluetooth speaker. 

To facilitate your further regarding this here are best latest Bluetooth speakers that you should invest in. Read on to know more.    

  • JBL Flip 6:


Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can take on the go, especially to the beach or swimming pool? The water-resistant JBL Flip 6 makes your perfect match.

Despite its small size, the dust-resistant speaker gives perfect clarity and the best sound one could wish for. 

Moreover, the compact size Flip 6 comes with 2-way drivers including a tweeter and a woofer, and has a battery life of 12 long hours. What adds to the appeal of this rugged speaker, even more, is its availability in multiple color options.    

With the help of its dual passive radiators, the speaker provides much deeper bass than your imagination.

When it comes to its downside, the JBL Flip 6 has no charging port so you will be needing a USB-C to charge it.      


  • Sonos Roam:


Have a party at home? The battery-powered, heavy-bass Sonos Roam can make your best mate make the most out of your party. 

Its rugged design and portability make it your perfect partner when heading to those outdoor excursions too. 

What’s more? This excellent quality Bluetooth speaker is not meant to break your bank as it comes in an affordable price range.

Not only with Bluetooth but the Sonos Roam also gets connected to your Wi-Fi and supports Alexa onboard, Airplay 2, and Google assistant too.  

Not only does the Sonos Roam works as your portable speaker when you are on the go but it is also compatible with the multi-room Sonos system. Great, isn’t it?  

Lacking rhythmic accuracy is the only downside of this speaker. 


  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level:


If you want to invest in a Bluetooth speaker that lasts a lifetime, Bang & Olufsen literally gets fits into the picture. Be it built-in Alexa, portability, or 16-hour battery life, this wireless, high-end gear is your matchless choice.

More to your interest, its long-lasting battery is also replaceable. 

What’s even better? This flawlessly sounding Bluetooth speaker is upgradeable with the changing in technology. This is exactly what makes this water-resistant and dust-proof speaker your lifetime partner.  

What else? Built stunningly and having a classy finish, the innovative Bang & Olufsen speaker comes with an easy-to-use operation.

The only drawback of this wheel-shaped speaker is its costliness. You will find this speaker extremely expensive, nonetheless, it is worth the price.  


  • Tribit StormBox Micro 2:


How about having a device that works as a Bluetooth speaker and a power bank for mobile devices at the same time? Well, that becomes a dream come true indeed! This is where Tribit StormBox Micro 2 plays its part. 

Featuring a charge-out option is, in particular, what makes it a beloved Bluetooth speaker among users. 

What’s more? This wireless speaker is easy to carry due to its integrated strap through which you can clip it to the handlebars of your bike or backpack.   

Besides, the water-proof and dust-resistant compact speaker can remarkably deliver a weighty bass. And, this is what adds to the appeal of Tribit StormBox Micro 2 even more. 

What else? Having a battery life of 12 hours, this space-saving speaker is budget-friendly too. 

  • JBL Charge 5:


Having improved volume and sound quality, JBL Charge 5 is all set to be your mate on the go or when partying with friends. The dust-proof and water-resistant Bluetooth speaker keeps on charging while playing your favorite audio.  

More interestingly, the Charge 5 speaker also features power, volume, control playback, Bluetooth pairing, and “Party Boost” buttons. 

Apart from having a USB-C charging port, this portable speaker also comes with a USB-A port which makes it compatible to charge your smartphones. 

Featuring a race-track-shaped driver, the compact speaker is extremely durable and boasts an impressive bass. 

Nevertheless, you will feel distortion when the volume goes up to 60%.  

To Sum Up:

Having the know-how of a product before purchasing it makes it easier to compare the item with its rivals and make a good decision. After all, you must spend your hard-earned wisely, and this is the right way of spending your money in fact.    

Now, as you’re aware of the best latest Bluetooth speakers, and their pros and cons, go get the one that suits your needs and budget best.


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