Latest Phone Accessories You Should Seriously Consider Buying

You’ve bought a new smartphone and now searching for the latest phone accessories? Well, a new phone should look trendy and smarter! More importantly, your smartphone is your all-time companion, and you perform many of your day-to-day tasks with it. 

So, keeping it up to date is really important. So, if you want some very latest phone accessories, here are the latest phone accessories you should seriously consider buying.

  • inCharge 6 – The All-In-One Cable KeyRing:

To keep your phone active all the time, you always need to have its charger with you. But if the charger is big, and along with the other accessories it’s taking a lot of space, here is your solution.

inCharge 6 is a six-in-one cable key ring with four of your desired cable connection options that makes possible the maximum connectivity for you. Moreover, it’s very lightweight that is easily usable for any android phone or iPhone. 

So, you can charge your phone anywhere without having the hassle of carrying a big charger. 

Furthermore, it is durable with metal housing, and its magnetic power makes it easier to carry. In addition to this, it provides easy power transfer from one device to another and transfers data from one device to another. 

  • Adonit Snap2 – A Bluetooth Selfie Expert:

Taking snaps has become the ultimate goal for buying the latest smartphones as you want to look attractive in your pictures. But sometimes, it becomes really hard to click a good selfie. To address this problem, here is an accessory that may become your ultimate desire. 

Adonit Snap2 is a Bluetooth stylus that is magnetic and easily attachable to the back of your phone. With its shutter remote, you can easily take group selfies from the distance and get beautiful selfies in one snap. So, you don’t need to click many pictures to get a perfect picture. 

What’s more? Its pixel point tip is 1.9mm that gives a personal touch to your photos. Plus, it has an aluminum flat body which is lightweight and easy to carry with your phone. Adding more to this, it gives 12 hours of battery time and is easily rechargeable with a micro USB cable. 

However, Snap2 is only compatible with iPhone 6 and the Phones coming afterward.

  • Razer Kishi – A Game Controller for Your Smartphone:

Well, if you love to play games on your smartphones, here is the best way to play them. Playing games on the smartphone may sometimes be freaking due to the small keys on the phone. But all your worries are gone now with Razer Kishi. 

It’s a gaming controller for your phone that becomes your ultimate gaming partner. It is lightweight and easily attachable to your phone. Along with controlling, it also charges your phone while it is attached to it. Great! Isn’t it?

Plus, it has a foldable body that is easy to carry anywhere. What makes it more reliable is that it does not need any battery to work. It has 2 direction pads and 11 buttons. So, you can enjoy your games anytime, anywhere. 

  • Most X – A Portable Stand for Your Smartphone:

Are you looking for a stylish and sophisticated stand for your smartphone or a tablet? If yes, then Most X can be the best option for you. It is a lightweight and portable stand that makes your smartphone easy to use. 

It is 5mm thin and gives you clarity of vision, and you can use your phone at any comfortable angle that suits your eyes. Besides, it gives you two modes i.e., Landscape and Portrait so, you can choose the one that suits you and enjoy your phone time. 

Along with this, it has 3 cardholders and a beautiful aesthetic design that makes it the best option for you to buy and use. 

  • Ampulla Minis – The Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Well, listening to music while walking, running, or doing any house chores is inevitable but carrying hands-free with a cord is not feasible every time. So, here is the solution.

Ampulla Minis presents Bluetooth speakers that are the best choice for your smartphone. These speakers can be attached to anything with their magnetic power. So, you can attach them with your cycle while cycling, and with your fridge while performing house chores.

But what to do when you are running? Well, they come with an armband so that you can attach them to the bands while you are running or walking. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Moreover, they give a long battery life with 8hrs of working and are easily rechargeable. Plus, they are very much portable due to their compact size and lightweight. So, you don’t need to worry about music while you are on a trip. 

To Sum Up:

These are the accessories that you should seriously consider buying to enhance the usage and reliability of your smartphone. Not only these are excellent add-ons to your phone but they also make your life super-easy with their latest technology designs.


What are the latest cellphone accessories in 2022?

1- inCharge 6 – The All-In-One Cable KeyRing
2- Adonit Snap2 – A Bluetooth Selfie Expert
3- Razer Kishi – A Game Controller for Your Smartphone
4- Most X – A Portable Stand for Your Smartphone
5- Ampulla Minis – The Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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