Your phone is the most commonly used gadget and without any doubt, you use it daily for multiple tasks. It is your alarm clock, camera, mp3 player, diary, notepad, and whatnot.

Therefore, it is the most susceptible to daily wear and tears. Every person that owns a phone must know how frustrating it gets when something happens to it such as a cracked screen.

In that case, there’s nothing else to do but to ask for help from professionals.

We know your pain but at Harwin, you will find the best solution possible. Don’t let it ruin your day, just take it to Harwin. They will work efficiently on your phone to get rid of its issues till it becomes as good as new.

How Do They Do It?


When you get a cracked screen but the phone is fine, there’s no reason to invest in a brand new screen as you can easily get it refurbished. Their team of professionals runs a specific LCD refurbishing process.

LCD Refurbishing And Its Importance:


They start the process by separating the glass that is broken or cracked from your phone. Then they install a new and durable glass as its replacement. Adding more to this, they attach the frames by using a cold press glue.

This guarantees that it will never separate after installation.

Know that the broken screen still gives value as its LCD is in working condition. Actually, selling a refurbished screen can also make your glass fixed at a cheaper rate.

What Are Your Options?


A number of options are available when you decide to go for screen repair. Some companies ask the phone manufacturers to make original spare screens.

In this way, you can replace your damaged screen with one of those to enjoy the same experience.

What’s more? You will find options ranging from Grade A to Grade D screens. In addition to this, the high quality includes Grade A screens which are made by the company itself. Actually, they last longer than the rest.

Note that other options may compromise the quality of the LCD screen. Over time, it can lose its colors and become dull. Moreover, the touch of your phone can also get compromised.

Vendors usually apply glue to the new screen and use a heating method to seal it in place. This can put some long-term damage to your device.

Keep in mind that repairers are also using a lot of machinery and molds so, a lot can go wrong. But in the capable hands of Harwin professionals, it rarely happens.

How To Know The Difference Between Cracked Glass And Damaged LCD?


To get LCD refurbishing, you need to know whether it will work like the original one or not. Below is some information that will help you distinguish them.

·       Cracks Or Chips Onscreen:

If your phone has fallen and its glass was compromised, you will see cracks or chips on its screen. But that doesn’t necessarily mean its touch won’t work.

In such a case, you just need to replace the screen and it will be as good as new. However, make sure to do this as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

In the meantime, it’s possible that any liquid can seep through the cracks and cause damage to the LCD.

·       The Touch Panel Is Not Working:

If the glass is shattered, that doesn’t mean the touch panel is damaged. In fact, you can keep on using your phone normally.

But if it’s not then it’s a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the device’s digitizer. It can affect the working of your LCD.

·       The Screen Is Pixelated:

A pixelated screen may appear as a patch of multicolored dots spread across the screen. It is a clear sign that your LCD is broken.

Nevertheless, the pixelated screen doesn’t always happen due to accidental falls. Over the years, regular use can also cause this to happen.

·       Completely Black Screen:

A black screen indicates LCD damage. It often happens that you can hear noise from your phone but the LCD doesn’t light up. Besides, the picture doesn’t appear.

But other than faulty LCD, this can also happen due to battery problems or some components might need replacing.

In this regard, a phone repair technician will certainly help you in figuring out the root of the problem.

What Should You Look For?

While hunting for the original replacement screen, you need to look for a bunch of things. Actually, doing so will ensure that the screen you choose guarantees the same experience.

The replacement must have the following similar to those in the original:

  • Resolution
  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Refresh rate
  • Scratch proof
  • Brightness
  • Fingerprint identification

The Takeaway:

An expert service provider can make a difference in your experience of getting a refurbished screen. Make sure to go to the right place.

Also, check their reputation and past work. Adding more to this, the staff should also be well-trained and well-equipped to handle all sorts of mobile-related issues.

Keep in mind that high prices do not always mean original screens. That’s why ensure that the price is justified and according to the market rate.

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