Nowadays, cell phones are the most used devices. No matter who you are, you always have a phone on you. The reason for that is they have taken over the gadget world.

A single device lets us capture memories, watch our favorite shows, make and attend calls, send voicemails, set alarms and reminders, and many more.

With that said, it’s natural that the most frequently used gadget may have different problems from time to time. This situation becomes quite problematic.

Keep in mind that not even the sturdiest cover can protect it from daily wear and tear since multiple problems can occur.

Such as you can accidentally break its screen, splash water on it, or might even drop it from time to time. You can resolve some issues by yourself. But it’s better to take it to a professional if you are not an expert.

Prevention Of Hardware Problems:

Did you know that you can resolve a majority of the issues without having to replace any of the existing components?

But in reality, if your phone does get brutally damaged then nothing can save it. However, you can always prevent that from happening.

Notably, the hardware of a phone consists of all its physical components including the following:

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • CPU
  • Memory card
  • RAM
  • Printed circuit board
  • Power button
  • Volume buttons
  • Charging IC
  • Network IC
  • Audio IC, etc.

The Most Common Hardware Problems:

Here, we have compiled a list of the most common hardware problems. After going through them, you will definitely know a lot more about your phone than you did before.

1.     Faulty Power Switch:

If your phone’s power button is not functioning as it should be then the chances are that it might have been damaged.

If your phones open up from the back then you can use a band-aid solution for the time being.

Simply, pull out the battery and connect it to your PC. Then put it back while it’s still connected to the computer. This should do the trick and your phone will turn on.

If you have an iPhone then just plug in the charger. Now, you can ask for help from a professional.

2.     Shattered Screen:

A phone is only as good as its screen is. Know that there are many reasons that can cause a cracked screen. For example, accidental damages, carelessness, poorly built LCD, faulty protectors, screen covers, and many others.

Your screen can also get damaged which affects its functioning. As a result, your phone may suffer from the following:

  • Distorted display
  • Black screen
  • Ink-like substances on the screen
  • Visible marks on the screen
  • Unresponsiveness from the screen touch

All of these issues indicate a broken and damaged screen. If only the screen is broken then you can probably replace it without changing your phone.


3.     Blurred Camera Lens:

If you are hearing unusual noise and distortion while capturing a picture then the chances are the camera lens is the culprit.

There are two reasons for it to happen. Either the lens is broken or it’s just dirty and needs a deep cleaning.

4.     Water Damage:

Your phone only gets short-circuited when its electricity meets water. So, if it has accidentally fallen into a water body or someone has splashed some drink on it, then immediately turn it off.

If the charge was running through it continuously then brace yourself to face the following issues:

  • You may notice the speakers malfunctioning,
  • The screen goes blank,
  • It can start to overheat or it might even die altogether.
  • The earpiece stops working,


5.     Problems Associated With Storage:

If your phone is popping up with incessant warnings of low storage or it crashes often then you might have memory issues.

The reason for this is you have overused its storage capacity. If this situation persists, then some data can also start disappearing on its own.

Always allow your phone some free space to operate. Moreover, never install unnecessary apps that keep running in the background.

6.     The Phone Is Not Charging:

This occurs when either your phone doesn’t get charged at all or the battery drains quicker than usual. The reason for these issues can be any of the following:

  • Fake charger
  • The charging port is dirty
  • The charging port is warped or clogged
  • Fake battery
  • Or if it is damaged.

To resolve these issues, never compromise on the OEM recommended accessories. Deep clean your phone every once in a while. If your battery gets damaged then replace it as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line:

The key to preventing any of this from happening is being extra cautious with your phone. So, get a good protective screen for it.

What’s more? Refrain from putting the phone in your back pockets. Make sure to handle it carefully in crowded places.

Undoubtedly, your phone is your most precious belonging so, never take it for granted. Handle it with care and don’t use it till its last breath of battery.

Also, adopt healthy practices to increase the life of your phone.

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