Myths About Phone Charging

You have to agree to the fact that you can’t spend even a single day without using your phone.

Well, that’s because of the multi-functionality of that palm-sized portable device that makes it irresistible to have for almost everyone around to globe.

Be it communicating with friends and family, getting entertained, preparing important files, watching time and date, and whatnot.

All this is just a swipe away with your smartphone! However, you can only make the most out of your phone when it’s properly charged. Bear in mind that, batteries do age with the passage of time.

And, therefore, you must keep an eye on replacing them from time to time. Nonetheless, there are also some myths related to charging the phone that needs to be busted to get the most out of this tiny-sized yet mighty functionality device.

So, let’s have a look at some of those phone charging myths below.

1.    You Should Not Plug In Your Phone Overnight 


In fact, this is not the case at all. Believe it or not, nothing wrong is going to happen to your precious phone if you leave it on charge overnight.

You should be grateful for the smart chips that most smartphones comprise in the present times. After all, we are living in the twenty-first century.

What those smart chips do is that they put your phone to trickle charge when the battery is reaching near a hundred percent.

By doing so, they slow down the charging rate. Besides, they also consume a little bit of power to keep your battery fully charged every time when it begins to fall.


2.    Improve Battery Life By Disabling GPS And Bluetooth


Come on, you are living in the technological era so, just don’t fret about it!

In the present times, smartphones come up with advanced technological builds that save you from that back-end hassle of switching off those unwanted services.

In fact, keeping such services e.g., Bluetooth, Location, and even Wi-Fi ON will minimally impact the battery of your device.

3.    Charge Your New Phone Fully Before Using It


Well, you don’t actually need to put yourself in such hassle. This is so because your new phone comes up with some charging already. That’s why your new phone is all good to go!

Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries that work efficiently when 40-80% charged.  Bear in mind that those outdated nickel-ion batteries are not capable of doing so.


4.    Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging It


Oh…wait! It’s completely safe to use your phone when it’s getting charged. Actually, overheating of those outdated nickel-ion batteries in the past gave rise to this myth.

Are you a gaming freak and don’t want to end your gaming session while your phone is on charge? Just make sure that your phone features heat suppression power control.

This option will halt the charging of your phone when you are playing a game and in so doing, will save your phone from getting warm.



Use The Original Charger Only To Charge Your Phone


As a matter of fact, you should use the original charger of your phone for its charging in the first place. If howsoever, you have to get a new one, you can still go for buying a third-party manufactured charger.

Nevertheless, the market is flooded with many bad eggs too so, be careful while selecting a third-party charger for your device. Or else, you will end up with an issue like overheating your phone while charging or slow charging speed.

Here, we’ve brought some useful tips that you will find battery-saving for your phone. Read on.

Key Takeaway: Battery-Saving Tips:


With the help of the following tips, you will be able to get full advantage of your phone before plugging it again.

  1. Turn on power-saving mode
  2. Switch to the Dark screen theme and wallpaper
  3. Reduce your screen brightness
  4. Deactivate Active Listening
  5. Get rid of unused accounts from your phone
  6. Close all the unnecessary apps that are running behind and of no use


At this juncture, you are well aware of the most common phone charging myths and the reality as well. Just live your life with your smartphone to the fullest while keeping it charged appropriately.

So, no more fretting now!

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