Quality LCD Refurbishing – How Long Does It Work?

Did your loved handset just have an accidental fall? Or did you hit something on your laptop screen? LCD refurbishing can be a savior for you.

By refurbishing, we mean replacing your damaged screen with a new one. In fact, it is a common practice when you go for mobile repairs. But many of you will complain of low-quality LCD refurbishing and losing your device’s efficiency after the procedure.

Moreover, another question arises: Will it work for enough time such as the original one?

Well, to be honest, sometimes it may not.

And, the reason for this is that you are not considering the following points when getting your LCD screen replaced.

1. Quality Of The Refurbished Screen:

When you go for the repair of your screen, you’ll find a number of options available. You must know that phone manufacturers make original spare screens to replace any damaged screen so that, you get a similar experience.

However, when you go to the market, you’ll come across a grading of screens for LCD refurbishing. This includes Grade A to Grade D screens.

Try choosing high-quality Grade A screens which are originally manufactured by the company, so that, they last long.

On the flip side, if you choose a low-quality LCD screen, it will become dull or loose color in some time. Moreover, the touch system of your system can be affected.

2. Procedure Of Refurbishing:

Most of the time, screen life highly depends upon the procedure used to attach the new LCD. Vendors usually apply glue to the new screen and use a heating method to seal it in place.

This can put some long-term damage to your device. At first, you’ll find your mobile as good as new. However, after some time, the display quality will begin to deteriorate.

To make sure that your refurbished screen lasts longer, do check what procedure the repairer used for replacing it.

The best way is to first remove the broken glass. Then, replace it with clean and good-quality glass. Furthermore, the frames should be glued together with a cold press system.

By this, you can avoid the damage that heat has caused. Moreover, it guarantees a more durable replacement.

3. Proper Fitting:

At times, the difference between a quality refurbishing and poor refurbishing of LCD just depends upon its fitting.

Even if your old screen is being replaced by an original new one, it will not last long if it’s not fitted properly. Thus, for this, you need to make sure that a trained service provider is doing the job for you.

4. Expert Service Provider:

So, by now, we know that an expert service provider makes a difference. Do keep in mind that your refurbished LCD is going to serve you for years only if you choose the right people to do it.

When choosing a mobile repair service provider, do check for their previous work, their reputation, and feedback from previous clients.

Besides, make sure that its staff is well-equipped and well-trained for the job.

5. Cost Of Service:

The repair companies giving low rates may trap many of you in the first sight. Nevertheless, high rates also do not mean high-quality.

That is why, you really need to check if the price is justified. High prices do not always mean original screens.

So, be aware that you check what type of screen they are putting in and what type of service they provide. You should get what you pay for.

How To Check For An Original Replacement Screen?

If you want to check whether you are getting an original or a non-genuine screen, do look for the following:

1·  Brand Logo:

The first determining point for an original screen is to check for the brand logo. You will find it on the flex cable or the digitizer of the screen. If it is absent, you are getting a copy LCD.

2·  Colors:

An original screen will have sharp colors, whereas, A NON GENUINE SCREEN can show off colors. You can be seeing red as orange or blue as purple

3·   Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate of an original screen is designed to match the RAM and processor. However, with a copy, screen refreshing will take a lot longer.

4. Scratch Proof:

Original screens are scratch-proof. On the flip side, a fake screen will not feel smooth and will get scratched easily.

5. Brightness:

Look at the edges if you want to identify genuine screens. The edges of a fake screen will appear darker and there will be a distortion in color contrast.

8. Resolution:

Weak resolutions mean a fake screen has conned you.

9. Fingerprint Identification:

Your device won’t be able to match your fingerprints or take 3D identifications if the LCD is fake.

Hope this guide helps you choose good quality LCD and LCD refurbishing services. So, No more broken screens, folks.

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