Simple Tweaks Before Bringing Your iPhone In For Repair

Buying an iPhone means having the all-time latest technology solution in hand. Isn’t it? Actually, when you buy an iPhone, you keep your important data safe in it. Moreover, iPhone is your picture clicking partner as well. 

But what if it breaks down? Of course, it makes you upset and you want to take it to the repair center immediately since a defective iPhone needs repairing. Nevertheless, have you ever thought of doing some simple tweaks before bringing your iPhone in for repair? 

If not, you should definitely go for trying them. Notably, some problems occur due to very minor reasons, yet, they look very big. If there is just a minor problem, you can surely take care of it by yourself. Read on to know more.

Simple Tweaks You Can Do:

Here are some simple tweaks which you can try when your iPhone shows some of these signs. They can be very helpful in fixing your iPhone at home without the hassle of taking it to the repair center. Come, let’s have a look at them. 

Your iPhone Screen Goes Black:

Your home screen goes black because of so many reasons, yet, the reasons are not always fatal. Sometimes, it happens due to a very minor reason as turning of the display settings in your iPhone. 

This is not an issue, and you can fix it easily. Just make sure that when you press the home button, your wallpaper shows up.

Secondly, make sure you have charged your iPhone because it may happen when the battery is dead. 

However, if both the tweaks don’t work, reboot your phone and restore it. It will surely solve your problem. Still, if none of the above works, then it’s time to head towards to the repair center. 

Battery Goes Dead In A Very Less Time:

Indisputably, the battery is a vital component of your phone and if it is giving you a hard time, it’s time to know the reason. When the battery of your phone doesn’t work properly, you can’t think of anything but to change it. Nevertheless, you can look for the possible reasons at home and try to fix them. 

First of all, this issue may come when your phone goes through an IOS upgrade. If it happens, go to the setting, and restore your phone to the factory setting. It will solve your problem there and then.

Secondly, this may happen because you run a lot of applications on your phone that require high battery power. If this is the case, try to delete some of the applications which you think are troubling your phone. 

In this way, you can have your old and good battery running time back by yourself. However, if the problem persists, then it’s time to bring it in. 

My Phone Is Not Getting Charged:

Another very common problem that occurs with iPhone is when it’s not getting charged. You feel irritated, change the location, check the plug but still, nothing works. Don’t panic! 

This is a common issue and you can resolve it by doing these simple things. 

First of all, check your charging port if there are any dust particles in it. If it’s there, clean it and your problem is gone. But still, if the issue persists, check your cable that connects the charger with the phone if it’s working with the other devices. 

If this is the case, you can replace the cable and enjoy your iPhone time. Another solution to get rid of this problem is to restore your phone in a factory setting. 

But if it’s still there, contact the professional immediately. 

Water Goes Inside The Phone:

‘Oh, my iPhone has drowned in water’. A person must be panicking when comes across this situation. In fact, this is the worst situation anybody can stick in. 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it happens to you? Yes, you want to take it to the repair center immediately. 

But do you know that you can solve this problem at home? Yes, you read it right. 

Whenever something like this happens, make sure you don’t switch on the phone right away since it can completely damage your phone. After that, clean all the excess water. Then take some rice in a bowl and place your phone inside it. 

The rice will soak all the water and your phone will be up and about in 24 hours. Great! Isn’t it? However, if you are still unable to switch it on, take it to the professionals to look for the solution. 

To Sum Up:

So, you have gone through some possible problems and their remedies above. You can use these tips whenever you come across any such problem, and see the results yourself. 

As you can see, not all problems need professional consultancy. If you have good technical knowledge, you can solve your problems right there, right away! 

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