Tips To Protect Your Phone From Screen Damage

From making audio and video calls to sending urgent messages to playing games and watching informative videos to making tons of online searches instantaneously and whatnot. You name it, your mobile phone does it for you.   

Nonetheless, the fragility of your phone’s screen necessitates taking extra care of this daily-use device which has now become an indispensable part of everyone’s life.

Those inadvertent drops, scratches, and moisture can damage your phone’s screen thus, causing you costly repairs. Or, you might have to buy a brand-new phone which doesn’t come cheap.

Over here, you will find some useful tips for protecting your phone’s screen that is time-saving and money-saving too. Let’s get started!


  • A Quality Phone Case Saves The Day:

You will find the following types of phone cases in the market that offer extra protection to your phone from screen damage. 

  • Full Case: Enclosing your entire phone, the full case also comes with a screen protector. 
  • Bumper Case: Being robust and stylish at the same time, bumper cases come with elevated edges to protect the sides of your phone when it suddenly drops. 
  • Case With Built-In Batteries: In addition to protecting your phone’s screen from damage, such types of phone cases also come handy when your phone’s battery is dying out.   

  • Screen Protector Is A Must-Have:

When talking about the protection of your phone’s screen, the importance of a screen protector is undeniable.  

In addition to minor drops, mishandling or lack of carefulness can also crack or shatter your phone’s screen. This is what makes a screen protector a must-have for your device. 

You will find different types of screen protectors in the market offering different features for enhanced screen protection such as;

  • Plastic Screen Protector: Shielding against minor scratches, a plastic protector works to protect your screen display.
  • Oil-Resistant Protector: Some screen protectors come with an oil-resistant coating to save your screen from those oil smudges.
  • Tempered Glass: This type of screen protector offers shock support even when your phone falls from a significant height.

You can always replace a phone case after a substantial drop or due to wear and tear and this won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

  • Invest In-Ring Holders/Pop Sockets:

Not only do such accessories enhance the appeal of your mobile phone but also protect it by offering a strong grip. 

By allowing you to hold your phone firmly, these accessories decrease the chances of sudden drops. In so doing, they safeguard your phone as a whole and its screen in particular. 

  • Beware Of Temperature Extremities:

Leaving your phone unattended, especially during extremely hot or cold weather can damage it both internally and externally. 

For that reason, be wary of excessive heat and coldness. Or you might end up with the loss of data, shortened battery life, or rigidness of some of your phone’s parts.   

  • Keep Your Device Away From Water:

If you are planning to go to the beach, take a deep dive in the swimming pool, or if it’s rainy outside, think of your phone in the first place. 

You need to protect it from water. Even if your mobile phone is water-resistant, its screen can still get hurt by moisture, foggy weather, and/or mist. So, try to keep your phone from exposure to water.

You can also get a waterproof case for providing additional protection to your cellphone’s screen.    

  • Consider Phone Protection Insurance:

After all, your phone is precious so why not get it insured? Various mobile phone manufacturing companies offer phone screen replacement services. And this phone insurance can last up to 180 days. 

In the case of getting your smartphone’s screen smashed, cracked, or squeezed, you can always get a new screen for free. 

Self-Protection Is The Best Protection:

You need to be vigilant while handling your phone. Hold it firmly in your hands. 

Moreover, be careful while keeping it in your pocket as the already present hard/sharp or pointed objects such keys, charger, USB, etc. can scratch the screen.   

What’s more? Make sure your hands are dry while you hold your phone. As well as that, try not to leave your phone unattended and keep it away from your children’s reach. 

Choose Professional Cell Phone Repairs Only:

Better still, if your mobile screen gets damaged due to any reason, you should only rely on professionals. Giving your damaged phone to the hands of unreliable repairers will do more harm than good.

You will end up wasting your hard-earned, and valuable time and energy too.

So, just choose the best cellphone repair shop in town. 

How Can We Help?

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