Tips To Protect Your Phone From Water Damage

Did you drop your phone in water accidentally or did water just spill on your phone? Are you unable to see the screen? That sounds horrible! Doesn’t it? Yeah, it surely is!

So, what do you do when it happens? Obviously, you panic. Just suppose that you buy a new phone and it instantly gets water damaged. That’s really not good.

Of course, water damage is resolvable but the best is to take precautions. It is always best if you keep your phone protected from water damage rather than getting it fixed after the damage.

Know that it’s not guaranteed that the phone comes back to the original performance after getting fixed so, be careful. Read on for some useful tips.

Useful Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe From Water Damage:

Here, I am going to share some tips that can help you to protect your phone from water damage. Let’s have a look at them.

1.      Don’t Take Your Phone Near Water:

Maintaining a safe distance from water is a major thing to do if you want to protect your phone from water damage.

First of all, never take your phone to the bathroom. Trust me, it’s really risky. If your phone falls in the tub, all the entertainment is gone along with your phone screen.

Moreover, your phone is at high risk of damage if you take it with you for swimming. Of course, your phone doesn’t need to swim so, keep it at the distance.

The same goes with the seaside, don’t take your phone underwater even if it is water-proof. Taking it underwater is never safe just keep this in your mind.

What’s more? There is one more thing and that is to be careful while drinking water when using your phone. While using a phone while drinking, you can spill it, and there it is! All damaged.

2.      Use Water-Proof Covers And Pouches:

It becomes difficult to protect the phone when it’s raining. Isn’t it?

Of course, it is, especially when you are a pedestrian or on a motorbike. So, what to do to avoid water damage in this situation? Well, this isn’t tough. You can easily avoid this situation by keeping your phone on waterproof covers.

Moreover, if you use pouches to go out, make sure they are waterproof to keep your phone safe.

Notably, these covers and pouches also give your phone protection against other damages as well. Plus you can avoid spilling water situations as well.

3.      Nano Coating:

Nano coating is a very effective method to protect your phone from water damage. You can easily get it inserted from the local mobile technician shops. Actually, Nano-coating protects your phone from water damage up to a certain level of water.

4.      Buy Water-Resistant Phones:

Buying a water-resistant phone is best for those who regularly go swimming or are in habit of using the phone in the bathroom. Notably, some mobile companies give built-in Nano coating.

So, if you want to change your phone, consider water-resistant phones and enjoy your time in the pool or get entertained while bathing.

However, keep in mind that these water-resistant phones are also vulnerable when you take them in deep waters. Bear in mind that they provide resistance up to certain levels and can be damaged if you exceed that level.

That’s why to be careful and don’t take your phone under deep seas.

5.      Use Hands-Free:

Using Bluetooth hands-free or headsets can also help you protect your phone from water damage.

When it’s raining outside, keep your phone inside and attend your calls through Bluetooth hands-free. Doing so will protect your phone as well as you will not be disconnected.

Therefore, use these and keep your phone safe and sound.

What To Do If The Phone Gets Water-Damaged?

Protecting the phone is necessary but if your gets water-damaged accidentally, don’t panic. You just need to be a bit smart to avoid this situation. Here is what you should do if it happens.

·       Remove The Battery:

When your phone accidentally falls down in the water, don’t try to switch it on.

First of all, remove the battery. Then dry it and insert the battery back.

·       Use Packets Of Silica Gel:

If your phone gets water damaged, keep it in a silica gel packet. It will absorb all the water and your phone will start running again. This is the safest and easiest method to fix the water damage.

To Sum Up:

Smartphones are expensive and you need to take care of them. If your phone gets damaged, it costs you a lot, especially if you don’t know the hacks to fix it.

Know that not every problem is big and some of them are easily resolvable by yourself. So, don’t take tension and learn the hacks to get rid of small technical issues.

However, if the problem gets bigger, you should visit Harwin cell phone repair for professional assistance.

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