Ways To Increase The Power Of Your Laptop.

Laptops have become a vital part of the life of a lot of people all around the world. Be it preparing Word Files, creating sheets on Excel, making important PowerPoint Presentations, making your presence online on various social media platforms and whatnot. Your laptop gets it all sorted. 

For this very reason, we all want to keep our laptop’s battery in good health and running longer. Over time, there does come a time when a laptop’s power starts diminishing in a shorter time than before.

That is where our tried and tested tips and tricks will help you maximize your laptop’s power. So, read on to know more.    


  • Get Rid Of Chip-Drainers:


Did you ever bother those popped-ups that ask you for an application/program update you have never used earlier? Just get rid of them by deleting them from your computer for freeing up disk space.  

Notably, you will find a number of preloaded apps on your computer that is of no use to you. As well as that, you might also have installed multiple programs/apps over time for one-time use and forget to use them ever again.  

However, they do consume your system’s battery thus, slowing down its power. 

To find out those unused programs, follow these steps

  • Firstly, click on the Windows button
  • The next step involves scanning through installed and preloaded programs that are of no use to you
  • Lastly, delete them from your system    


  • Use One App At A Time:


Did you ever think that doing one chore at a time can cut down on your power bill?

For instance, when you are cooking food in the kitchen, you are using the power of only that area. 

However, if you are also watching your favorite TV show meanwhile cooking, you’ll be using your living room (where there is a TV for instance), turning on its lights, fan/inverter, etc. 

Doing so will eat up more power and add to your electricity bills in turn. 

The same is the case with your laptop, especially when you are using it off the plug. If you’ve opened multiple apps simultaneously and working on Microsoft Word and are online too, all this will consume much more power. 

As a result, your laptop’s battery will die soon and this will also slow down its speed.

When talking about ways of battery conserving, try to use only one app at a time by closing every other unused app.      


  • A Power Bank Can Save The Day:


Sometimes, relying on external resources can save you the day, especially when you are not in the condition to take risks. 

In fact, having a battery backup e.g., a laptop power bank is a big blessing particularly when you have to go on those day-long trips but can’t leave your work aside.   

Offering excellent portability, the compact battery unit will take a small space in your backpack and maximize your charge’s length. 

What’s even better? The power bank usually includes an adapter that is compatible with other devices as well. 


  • The More RAM, The More Power:


By adding more RAM to your device, you can automatically increase the power of your laptop. Actually, doing so will help your laptop in retrieving data as well as performing various operations faster than ever.   

Adding to it, this will put far less burden on your hard drive thereby increasing your laptop’s battery life.


  • Keep Your Laptop From Overheating:


Overheating can shorten and eventually damage your laptop’s battery. Therefore, you need to keep a check on it. 

To save your laptop’s internal components from overheating, get a cooling pad and keep it underneath your laptop. Doing so will blow cold air into your device’s underside, thereby, cooling it down. 

To make the most out of the cooling pad, make sure your laptop includes airflow vents. You will find those inexpensive vents located at the bottom of their chassis.

Apart from that, do the following to avoid overheating the laptop:

  • Make sure there is no obstruction in your device’s ventilation ports by keeping them clean. 
  • Try to place your laptop on a firm surface e.g., a desk or table while working instead of a pillow or cushion.  Doing so will allow optimum airflow. 

Want to know more tips and tricks? Get help from us. 

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