What Are Some Ideal Solutions To Fix Software Problems In Android?

Android phones have become a necessity nowadays. They have quickly replaced many household items and have successfully marked themselves as the technologies that are top of the list. These devices are capable of handling more than one things at a time, therefore, are more convenient and time-saving as well.   

The software installed in the android phones gets a new upgrade now and then. You will always find better and improved devices in the market after every few months. But just like every other software, it does come with some problems that are not unknown to every android user. 

Therefore, we have compiled a collection of knowledge on how to fix those common issues that may arise in your phones from time to time. 

After going through it, you will be able to fix any software-related issues by yourself. So without wasting any further, let’s begin!

How To Fix Software Issues?

There are certain software issues that can be fixed at home and with very little effort. You don’t have to take them to any repair shops and risk all your private data. Nonetheless, finding a reliable mobile repairer is very important. If they don’t have enough experience, they can further make the issue worse. 

So it is probably to try your luck first for that we have come up with some solutions to resolve common software issues.

  • App Fixing Solutions:

When you come across certain software problems, the first thing you probably do is restart your phone. But if your device still doesn’t behave well, then look for app fixing solutions. 

Once you search for it, you will find there are various options available. They will help you check what is the actual reason that is causing the problem. And then will automatically resolve the cause. 

Some common issues that they are able to resolve are:

  • App crashing
  • Phone crashing
  • Black screen
  • Phone not going off or behaving abnormally
  • Slow functioning and processing, etc.

Some app fixing solutions are not reliable and authentic no matter how attractive they were advertised. So it is better to select one that has been referred. Some options are:

  • Phone doctor plus
  • Repair system for android
  • Reiboot for android
  • Android repair
  • Greenify
  • Try To Declutter:

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as too much clutter in your phone. It is possible and very common to have too many files and documents on your phone. They can be running in the background which has made your phone very slow. 

Bear in mind that heavy or unsupportive documents can make the phone and its apps crash often. It can also cause many display issues as well. 

You can resolve this by deleting any heavy files that you don’t need or haven’t used recently. This will help you in clearing the RAM and increasing the speed of your phone. Some easy steps to clear up your internal storage are:

    • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Tap on storage 
  • tap the circle icon on RAM, then wait for the process of clearing. 

After that:

    • Tap on the circle on internal storage, 
    • Select the junk files you want to remove
  • Tap clean

If you still face the problem after clearing up the junk files, try to shift some of your data to your PC. Sometimes too much data can always cause a malfunction in the phone. 

  • Fix By Restoring Factory Settings:

Software apps are really important as they contribute a lot to troubleshooting and maintain certain issues that you might experience. But sometimes even they don’t work. The reason could be that the current version of the app is not supportive. Or you may have gotten the wrong one. 

Even after deleting it, you may experience the problems like crashing, black screen, not going off or on, and many others. To resolve these problems, try restoring the factory settings of your handset. But before doing that, make sure to back up all your important data. 

You can do that by following these steps:

    • Go to settings of your phone
  • Look for system 
    • Hit the reset icon
  • Tap on factory reset or erase all data

Wait for your phone to reset. After doing that, your phone will come back to default settings and you can customize them accordingly. 

  • Keep A Lookout For Any New Updates:

This is the easiest solution which mostly goes unnoticed. Smartphone software developers are constantly working on improving the functioning of your device. So if the majority of the people have come across a common issue and have reported it, the developers will work on it. 

After figuring out the issue, they soon launch an update that will resolve the problem automatically. 

So it is always wise to keep a lookout for any recent updates offered by the developers. All you will need is an internet connection. Turn on the notifications for any new update. This will help you in staying up to date.  

  • Final Resort:

If you have done all this and are still facing issues, you can always turn to a professional cell phone repair company. 

This is where you will find Harwin Repairs your reliable mate. They will help you in figuring out the issue and offer various solutions to fix it. The issue can be of technical nature or not. They are reliable and offer fast fixes. 

So it’s better to turn to them instead of drifting to various other mobile repairers. After all, your phone is our number one priority. 

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