We agree that buying a cellphone can get a bit tricky. This is so because there are many things you need to consider before making a decision.

We admit that overall, it can be a very daunting experience. Adding more to this, a new smartphone can get a bit expensive too. For that, you need to save a lot before finally purchasing a new phone that catches your eye.

But by the time, you get your hands on it; there are more new models on the market, so, in short, it’s one heck of an experience.

Have you ever considered buying a second-hand phone? We mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it? You can get a good price for it and all the features that would have cost a lot.

Is It A Smart Choice?

Bear in mind that getting a pre-owned phone requires vigilance. In this regard, you need to stay far away from scammers who might sell second-hand copies of branded phones that can get defected in the longer run.

But purchasing it is definitely a smart move. Why? Because who’s to say that buying a brand new handset can guarantee its credibility as well?

What Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pre-Owned Cell Phone?

It’s completely normal to be a little skeptical once you decide to get a pre-owned handset. But not to worry, as we have come up with just the right points that will help you in selecting the right phone.

1.       Battery Capacity:


The first thing to check is the battery. Needless to say, the battery determines the smooth functioning of a phone. We know that you are not an expert.

But we have some tricks that will help you decide if the battery is good or defaulted just by carefully observing it.

  • If you are getting an iPhone, then simply go and check the current life of the battery. Noticeably, it should not be less than 85%.
  • If the phone has removable batteries then take it out and spin it on a smooth surface. If the battery doesn’t spin then it’s not defective, however, if it does then it’s better to skip this choice.
  • If the model doesn’t have removable batteries then go to the camera and turn on burst mode. Capture a lot of pictures meanwhile keeping an eye on the battery. If it consumes too much percentage then the battery is not good.

2.       Phone Screen Quality:


It’s a crucial part of a phone because all functions are performed by touch. For that reason, the touch panel should be in excellent condition. You can verify this by checking the screen.

To test it;

  • Open a white background and check for any blue or white tones. If you find any then that means the screen was either refurbished or it’s just not original.
  • You should find a hue of yellow or a bit warm tones on a good quality screen.

3.       Headphones Jack, Speakers, And All Other Hardware Parts:


Check for any signs of opening by looking at these three parts. Keep in mind that they all should be clear, undented, and in proper working condition. Moreover, the power and volume buttons should also be working.

Just don’t buy a phone that has work done on its motherboard. Check for any kind of gaps or abnormalities. If you find any, that means it has been opened before.

4.       Camera And Picture Quality:


  • Look for any kind of scratches on the lens.
  • Besides, test the resolution by taking a lot of pictures. Also, look for any kind of blurry effect.
  • You should never buy a phone that fails to capture good-quality pictures.

5.       Guarantee:


There’s no shame in asking for a second opinion. After all, you are investing your hard-earned money, so, never rush to buy a phone.

Always ask the shopkeeper to give you at least a two-day warranty. It will allow you to test the phone in your own comfortable environment.

Make sure to check all the functions in this period.

6.       SIM And Memory Slots:


Check these two slots by inserting your own memory card and SIM. Both should work fine. But if they don’t or the file manager fails to show any data on the memory card, that means it won’t work later as well.

After a great deal of use, some phones fail to read SIM or memory cards. So, always check for this before purchasing it.

Also, check the IMEI number to verify its registration.

The Takeaway:

This quick guide will help you check on all the essential factors you need to consider before buying a pre-owned handset. In this way, you can save yourself from trouble in the future and also any kind of fraud or scams.

Doing so will save you a lot of time and trouble too and you will invest your money in the right product.

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